Car Crash Repair of Kia Carens

Car Crash Repair- Kia Carens

Repair of this car involved panel straightening and rear arch welding as part of the arch was ripped off completely (as you can see on the picture), so to save customers money we had to make part of the arch and weld it, other way all rear quarter of the car would have to be replaced and this would be costly job that would take allot of time and allot out of customers pocket just for sourcing and buying rear quarter. Also front bumper, light, wing and front and rear door panels needed replacing.

As we gone along, it turned out that gearbox was damaged after an accident as drive shaft was knocked in so new gearbox was sourced and fitted by us. Arms and suspension parts has been damaged badly so replaced fully. Alloy wheel had deep scratches and was repaired and resprayed.
Together with part sourcing and all repairs it took us 2 weeks to put this car back on the road after an accident.

2013 Kia Carens Car Crash Repair pictures

Before.. and After..

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